On Saturday 12th November,the GSPDA appeared at The Rainbow Valley Charity Ball in the Hilton Hotel,Glasgow.

Rainbow Valley is an idea inspired by the vision of Johanna MacVicar, a young woman who, in 1994, aged 16 years, was diagnosed with leukaemia. In 2005, Johanna sadly lost her fight against the illness. Johanna’s love of Rainbows has inspired those who loved her to bring together Rainbow Valley. During her 11 year battle with cancer she took advantage of Hospice Care and tried to explore complementary therapies, but found it an exhausting task working through which therapies would suit her needs. It was also an expensive journey for someone who through ill health, could not work.

Although medically she had been given the best of care and was surrounded by the best physicians and nursing staff in the world, Johanna felt there was something missing, and believed that there should be a centre dedicated to exploring the different types of holistic and complementary therapies (both innovative and traditional) that could complement hospital treatments and enhance the recovery from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It was Johanna’s belief that diet could also play a significant role in controlling, and hopefully reversing, her condition.



Being diagnosed with cancer leaves everyone involved bewildered, scared & vulnerable. Like most people when first diagnosed, Johanna felt very out of control of her life, and the difference Rainbow Valley would have made to her, her family and friends, would have been immense. She knew she had choices. but to start trawling through the internet and seeking out the genuine people, therapies and support is a daunting task when you are so ill and desperate. Rainbow Valley will bring this information together and offer tranquil surroundings to sample and explore these avenues.

Johanna’s mother, Angela, and her long term family friend, Lindsay MacCallum, who have accumulatively 36 years experience of raising funds and working in the cancer sector, joined together to create Rainbow Valley to bring Johanna’s dream to fruition. Angela’s sister-in-law, Shonagh MacVicar, has also joined forces with them, and thus brought together a formidable team of determined, focused, Board of Trustees – all holding Johanna’s vision at the forefront.

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